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Absolutely love it, I though would look cheap but is not! Lovely bracelet, fast delivery. Thank you.

Many thanks for the beautiful bracelet very beautiful stone looks good on the hand

thank you ❤️ green stone is real 💓

Very good product to my father and brother were surprised with the quality of the product

It's a five-day delivery.
I was surprised to come in four days.
The size is less than I thought.
Catching wipis is not difficult,
I usually get out of my ear.
It's red when I look at it today.

I think it's easy to use the camera personally.
There is a lot of earcut, but it is the most cool in 41 years of using cotton swabs
Delivery is also fast!

A cat with a dog is fully delighted. It's good that I ordered 2. a ball. Delivery in Volzhsky delayed for days 10. in the set of Shur taipsi. Definitely recommend to purchase.

ordered on the 1st of November and delivered in NZ on the 12th. App was easy, once I turned off mobile data. worked perfectly

Funny ball, itself is rolling, entertaining the cat, it does not work constantly, but at certain intervals, the ride is not very fast just what you need to interest the cat :) and even the charging connector type-C is generally excellent!👍

I'm happy with the purchase. An unusual heavy device. Night vision camera works very well. True unexpectedly IR illumination shines with a red light with a visible eye. The thermal imager fairly accurately displays the surface temperature.

When I use it, it looks so good in my ear. Good price for price. It's convenient to have one for each home.

Everything is wonderful but, did not wrap the box with the watch because of which the box was damaged, the watch Thank God whole, with the phone all the better the box with the phone was was If the seller will hear me then for the future turn the box with the clock, too, I'm lucky that the clock was not damaged, and someone may not be lucky.

Delivery of 2,5 weeks to the point of issue in Moscow. Toys are working, cats have an interest, but not straight wild delight. From empty plastic bag of delight more)

Hanging charges. It only rolls on a smooth floor. On the carpets does not ride from the word at all. My lazy cat watches him from around the corner, and almost does not run. I don't like balls much, like I didn't try to teach them. He loves lids more and does not play, but gnaw them like rat tails.

Very pretty! Fits my small wrist. I think this will fit those with small wrists as I thought at first it is quite small.

The cost is good. If you think about sound quality, it's better to buy something else. I'm buying How long am I going to occupy a full charge.

Very entertaining. It came with a usb cord. The power button opens for charging. Has sorted blue lights during motion. Also has a soft unpredictable engine like noise when moving randomly. Rubber material. Would definitely recommend the product.

Bill was delivered. The over-the-ear headset is very comfortable to wear, and the headset sounds great. very satisfied with the purchase.

The packaging was not very, because of which the gift box was slightly crumpled. The phone arrived normally and was turned on apparently all the way, because in the mode of the first start, the automatic shutdown of the screen does not work. Surprisingly, the battery still had the rest of the charge. Weight Without bumper 324g-straight brick. The thermal imager pleased with its resolution, but the configuration of the combination with the image from the camera is apparently not saved/not used. Appearance in the taste of 13-year-old teenagers or people mentally stuck at this age. The bumper is very rigid and therefore quite senseless. A bunch of sharp edges on the bumper makes it not safe-deep caught the corner of the bumper under the nail when trying to remove it. Arrived 2 updates-I warn you that they are set well oooochen for a long time. Put the phone down for half an hour or more to finally install. In the rest, everything seems to work-there were no failures. Fast charging works too. I bought a component for work-checking the heating on printed boards.

Was delivered early and as description. Battery lasts two days and the cameras are excellent. Taxed in R$ 310.00, but well worth the the phone delivery. Is very rugged and beautiful. Really delivers what it promises

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